CHOICE Recommended Art Books

​​American Abstract Expressionism of the 1950s: An Illustrated Survey
With Artists' Statements, Artwork, and Biographies
   "Researchers will seek out this well designed selection."-Library Journal August 2003
"Focuses more on abstract expressionist art across America." 
"These volumes are a researcher's dream!"   
   "This excellent publication builds on the earlier [above] publication. 
   It has broadened the scope to include artists from throughout the US, rectified...omission of African American artists...and concentrated on 88 artists   ...excellent layout and superb photographs. 
   July/August 2003.

   2005 WRITERS NOTES BOOK AWARD, April 19, 2005:
   "Herskovic overviews American abstract expressionism with this hefty volume of plates. 
   Beyond the names you'll immediately recognize (Pollack,  De Kooning, Gorky, etc.)
   this alphabetically arranged set takes a fair and complete look, including 
   commentary from the artists.... We like Kline's ideas on size and space and also 
   when De Kooning says, "spiritually I am wherever my spirit allows me to be." 
   American Abstract should be a  fixture in libraries and the homes of the lovers of the form."
   Ed. by Marika Herskovic, 
   ISBN: 0967799414. 
   New York School Press 2003;
   Hardcover, 12x9 inches,372 pages, 
​   176 full page color reproductions, printed by Cantz in Germany. 
   The book can be acquired at:  

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New York School Press was known for  Very Fine Art Books
The Art Books are Highly Recommended by CHOICE

American Abstract and Figurative Expressionism 
Style is Timely Art is Timeless         

   "Highly recommended. Libraries supporting both studio and art history programs 
   at the lower undergraduate and above; general readers."
   Ed. by Marika Herskovic, 
​   ISBN: 978-0-967799421 
​   New York School Press, 2009. 
   Hardcover  with jacket, 12 x 9 inches,  116 full-page color art reproductions, 
   Printed by Cantz in Germany,  254 pages, indexes. 
   The book can be acquired at:  

​​​​New York School Abstract Expressionists: Artists Choice by Artists 
A Complete Documentation of the New York Painting and Sculpture Annuals; 1951-1957
   Readers’ opinion:   
   "Almost Perfect - Very Important!"-reader's review at 
   "Excellent in-depth references on American abstract expressionism." - 
   "excellent book, excellent production!"-reader's review at            
   "The book is unique; it can be used as a reference for  artists' biographies, 
   for exhibition documentation, or as the history of  a specific artistic movement. 
   Highly recommended. General  readers; undergraduates through faculty."  
   Ed. by Marika Herskovic, 
   ISBN: 0967799406  New York School Press, 2000. Hardcover  with jacket, 12 x 9 inches,  
   176 full-page color art reproductions, printed by Cantz in Germany,  393 pages, indexes. 
   265 artists  are documented.

   The book can be acquired at:  

Albert Kotin Abstract Expressionist of the 1950s

   Albert Kotin belonged to the early generation of New York School Abstract Expressionist artists. He was among the 24 artists from the total of 256 participants who were included in the famous "9th St." Show, (1951) and in all the following New York Painting and Sculpture Annuals from 1953 to 1957. These Annuals were important because the participants were chosen by the artists themselves.

"To know Al Kotin is to come face to face with a man whose life and work is a continual manifestation of integrity. Actually, I believe there is no other way."
                                                                              Mathias Goeritz

Alexander Calder wrote in 1968: 
“As long as there are people such as Al Kotin, there is no danger to art.” 
   Ed. by Marika Herskovic, 
   ​ISBN: 0967799430  
​   New York School Press, 2016. 
   Hardcover  with jacket, 12 x 9 inches, 131 full-page color art reproductions, 
   Printed by Cantz in Germany,  356 pages, indexes.

   The book can be acquired at:  

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